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Rounds of rain will move through between now and Tuesday -- some of which will be beneficial for a very drought stricken area. This is the most widespread moderate drought in Iowa since early March 2013 -

Thunderstorms started moving through Sunday evening and some rain could persist into Monday morning:

Some additional, more widespread showers and storms will move through Monday afternoon:

There will be some spots that see an inch or more of rain, especially where thunderstorms move through:

A second low pressure system will move along the cold front and bring more rain to the region:

That will lead to some additional rain, especially in Illinois on Tuesday:

This will not bust the drought, but will certainly help with the incredibly dry conditions.

Ahead of the front, temperatures will still be mild on Monday:

And then cold air will move in and we're back below normal on Tuesday:

Temperatures will be remain near/below normal then for the rest of the week but we'll have sunshine!



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