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"Earth is just one big ball of energy that is constantly attempting to find balance. The poles are cold and the equator is hot. Earth wants so badly to equalize the difference. In doing so, it creates storms." That's in the first few lines of Ginger Zee's book Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I am One. The words have stuck with me, especially as we just dealt with severe storms across the country that devastated communities, some very close by. Now we're on the other side... the calm...before the storms eventually arrive again.

A big ridge of high pressure is overhead keeping the weather calm and mild. In the region during this time we're looking at little to no precipitation through Thursday:

And it's going to be sunny and TOASTY! Temperatures will once again be in the 60s and 70s on Monday:

70s pushing close to 80 on Tuesday:

Temperatures remain mild through the end of the week... here's the 10 day trend on the Euro for Cedar Rapids:

And the Quad Cities:

You can see where the pattern starts to change.. that's as the pattern turns active this weekend:

There will be the chance for showers and storms as a trough dives in, leading to the drop in temperatures.

Until then, enjoy the quiet taste of spring!

Rebecca Kopelman


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