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A good widespread rain finally happened across the region Saturday but it did come at a price. Many areas did get over an inch of rain...

But it did come with severe weather - large hail, strong winds and even tornadoes.

In fact, a tornado came within 50 yards of the National Weather Service Office in the Quad Cities late Saturday:

The low pressure system associated with this storm swirled to our north on Sunday, leading to a cooler and windy day. There were some additional showers in spots and that's possible on Monday afternoon as well:

Temperatures will be held closer to 80:

Tuesday will be sunny, dry, and warmer:

The heat gets cranked up a little more Wednesday:

There's the chance for scattered showers and storms Wednesday and Thursday:

There's still uncertainty on the remainder of the week, but there are additional chances for rain Friday/into the weekend. We'll take the rain! We still need more.

Rebecca Kopelman


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