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Some showers and storms were passing by on Sunday and more will on Monday as a cold front slides through. Showers and a few storms will be possible overnight into the early morning hours:

A few additional scattered storms may develop Monday afternoon as well, I suspect more than what this model is showing:

Behind the front high pressure will move into the Midwest as Beryl moves across Texas:

Beryl will then move into the central part of the country, held off to the east due to that high pressure system:

There could be some rain that sneaks into southeastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois, but a lot of the rain will likely be be just off to the southeast of the area as Beryl passes by. Here's the precipitation through Friday on the European model:

And the GFS:

Most of the rest of the week will be dry around here as a result. There will be a lot of sunshine with temperatures in the low 80s with potentially hotter conditions coming for the weekend.

Here's a look at the temperature trend for the next 10 days for the Quad Cities:

Some quiet and toasty weather up ahead...

Rebecca Kopelman


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