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The heat is going to step it up each day this week with parts of the area nearing 100°. We won't necessarily be breaking any records, as those are well into the triple digits thanks to the 1930s, but it will still be unseasonably hot.

Temperatures were in the mid to upper 80s Sunday, but you can see where the heat is right now in the southwestern U.S.:

The airmass associated with that heat wave will be migrating to the northeast and leading to a very toasty week.

Temperatures will be getting into the 90s Monday:

And hotter on Tuesday:

And even further up on Wednesday:

In terms of rainfall, there are some differences amongst the data. The GFS has some pretty low totals over the next 7 days:

The Euro has a bit more, but still not enough rain to bust the drought:

There may be some isolated storms around late Monday into early Tuesday:

And then another chance Thursday night:

Storms in this environment could quickly turn strong due to the high instability in place. Something we'll have to watch through the week.

Stay cool!

Rebecca Kopelman

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