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Sunday was a steamy, nasty, downright hot day... and this is just the beginning. Heat index values were running from 100 to 110 degrees! Still at 8 pm temperatures were well above normal and running around 90 degrees:

The heat will continue to grow as we head through the week as a very strong high pressure system (big blob of very hot air) remains centered over the area:

Excessive Heat Warnings, Watches, Heat Advisories cover the region underneath this high:

A cold front will push through Sunday night into Monday and hold temperatures and humidity back *slightly* for the afternoon but it still will be hot.

Dew points in the 60s will still lead to heat index values near and above 100:

The hottest of the weather will likely be Tuesday and Wednesday as the high pressure system is directly overhead.

Highs Tuesday:

And heat index values:

Highs Wednesday could potentially approach 100, this would be the first time many in the region have hit the triple digit mark since 2013:

Heat index:

This is going to be some very prolonged intense heat that won't back off until the end of the week.

Stay cool! Rebecca Kopelman


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