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The week will start off quiet but a late week system will keep me on my toes the next couple of days...

We're going to be sitting in between a ridge and trough to start the week:

As a result, temperatures will be near normal through Wednesday without any strong systems moving through.

Here's the temperature trend for Cedar Rapids:

And for the Quad Cities:

On Thursday there will be a storm system that moves through the Midwest, but the question is exactly where:

There's some uncertainty on the exact track of this storm and the intensity, especially as it concerns snow and how much. This is -of course- not uncommon this far out.

The European is showing a more southern path with the storm, though we start with rain on Thursday:

The GFS is faster and further north, with rain starting earlier on Thursday:

The European model then has temperatures cooling down with a changeover from rain to snow:

The GFS keeps temperatures up and precipitation remains mostly rain:

We'll continue to update you on the trends as we get closer to the storm.


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