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More storms bubbled up on Sunday - of the hit or miss variety. Some storms even got strong enough to warrant warnings. The same pop-up, scattered nature of storms will continue through the week.

A back door cold front will move through the region late Monday. It's known as a back door front because it's coming through the "back door" out of the northeast, rather than the traditional northwest. This time of year this can lead to cooler, drier air due to the flow coming off of Lake Michigan (which is still a bit chilly).

The front likely won't have much moisture with it, but may produce a few passing showers:

With the easterly flow, and still some moisture in place, there will be the potential for some additional storms on Tuesday:

The moisture levels will drop behind the front and it will be drier and more comfortable on Wednesday:

Even drier on Thursday:

Moisture returns by the weekend and so will some rain chances...

This is just an example of total rainfall over the next week - and it really is the luck of the draw:

Hopefully we continue to keep the active weather around and chip away at the dry/drought conditions!

Rebecca Kopelman


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