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The snow is leaving just about as fast as it came! We had 1-5" of fresh powder on the ground Saturday morning from Thursday night's system and some sunshine and southerly winds started to melt it away by the afternoon.

We went from this Saturday morning: (The white on the map where you can see the river valleys - that's all snow seen from space with sunny skies)

To this by the end of the day:

You can see a shrinking of the snowpack, especially near and south of Highway 30.

As the snowpack melts and warmer air moves in, that will just allow for temperatures to get even warmer. A big high pressure system - a ridge - will move in the upper levels of the atmosphere:

The temperatures get warmer on Sunday as a result:

The mercury goes a little higher on Monday:

And Tuesday:

The warmth will continue through the week, melting the snow on the ground as well as doing work to those big piles. The pattern will start to break down around Friday/Saturday:

We'll be watching the chance for precipitation and cooler air moving in.

Enjoy the warmth for now! RK


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