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Temperatures lately - and for much of July - have been running near normal. In fact most of the region has been running near or below normal for the month:

Now we're heading for a stretch of heat. In fact, the hottest temperatures we've had so far this summer. That is because of a big ridge of high pressure that will move in from the southwestern U.S. where it's been leading to record heat.

We likely won't see as many triple digit days but temperatures will still be running above normal:

We'll be getting close to the 90 mark on Sunday:

Into the 90s by Monday:

And into some serious heat by Wednesday:

While's we're directly under the dome of heat, a lot of the week will be dry, but there's the potential for some storms to sneak into the region. The edge of the heat is where strong storms are typically found in these situations. However, it is possible some of the storms develop/move near the area.

The Euro is trying to show this on Wednesday evening:

There still will likely not be much relief to the relentless heat wave that will be unfolding.

Rebecca Kopelman


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