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We once again just have one chance of precipitation over the next 6-7 days. It's once again just a chance for scattered showers and storms that may continue into Sunday morning. So far the rain has been hard to come by with the ongoing drought and blocking patterns in place.

A weak disturbance did bring some strong and even severe storms to western Iowa on Saturday afternoon/evening:

This is just ripple in what has been a dry pattern... upper level high pressure will be stronger in eastern Iowa and lead to a lack of rainfall. There may be a few showers and storms into Sunday morning...and some models suggest storms re-ignite Sunday afternoon, but I'm pretty pessimistic lately considering our situation.

Once again a few spots may be lucky if thunderstorms survive, but a lot of places will get little to no rain. We'll have mostly cloudy skies Sunday with temperatures in the low 80s:

Much of the work week will likely be dry as high pressure once again dominates the upper levels of the atmosphere:

Temperatures will be warming up through the week, into the mid 80s Monday:

TThen we take it up a notch toward 90 Tuesday:

Temperatures will be running in the upper 80s to low 90s each day with sunny skies. Little to no precipitation is expected though the week:

We're still waiting on the pattern to change as we sit in the dry and drought conditions...

Rebecca Kopelman


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