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The first Frost Advisories of the season were issued into Monday morning as temperatures drop down into the 30s:

We'll have plenty of sunshine and temperatures will only climb into the 50s -- remaining below normal:

Frost Advisories will likely be issued once again for Monday night/Tuesday morning as temperatures drop even further:

If you have any cold-sensitive plants/flowers then you'll want to cover them or bring them inside. The cool weather sticks around Tuesday under sunny skies:

Temperatures will be held back once again Wednesday due to clouds and rain moving in:

Some rain will move in Wednesday afternoon:

And continue into Thursday:

Models have had a tough time grasping onto rainfall totals lately so I'm approaching this with caution. There's the possibility that there could be some good, beneficial rain in some part of the area but it's hard to say exactly where. It seems that's trending south of Highway 20 for now - but how far south is still in question.


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