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I wanted to take a moment to thank those who attended the TSwails 2022 Weather School. We had a great afternoon filled with weather and we hope you all enjoyed the sessions! We enjoyed meeting all of you!

It looks like we're in for the same old same pattern here for a while... quiet and mostly cold weather. The pattern right now looks like this:

A big ridge (red blob) in the west, leading to northwest flow. That usually means dry air and a fairly quiet pattern as well as cold weather, opening up the flood gates to arctic air. This has been the pattern we've been stuck in recently and look at the same upper air chart in a week from today:

The ridge gets even stronger and further north and you can see the even colder air in place over the Midwest with the stronger trough in place.

This pattern doesn't mean it's going to always be cold, but it does mean cool is generally the rule. You can see this with the temperature forecast by the GFS.. a few days that warm up above freezing, but we always end up back down.

Here's the outlook for the Quad Cities:

And for Cedar Rapids:

We may get a chance to melt some snow with some of the warmer days ahead... many of us have had snow on the ground for over a month.

We won't be adding much snow any time soon. I mentioned the quiet pattern... over the next seven days little to no precipitation is expected in the region:

The Climate Prediction Center corroborates that idea with below normal precipitation expected through the 15th:

Not a great forecast for snow lovers!


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