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Last week was filled with rain and snow for many, even flooding issues started to develop in southeast Iowa and northwest Illinois. Here's a look at the accumulation of water over the last 7 days:

So those areas could use a break while there are many cities in need of rain dealing with extreme drought to the northwest:

More rain will be moving in overnight into Sunday morning:

Most of Sunday will be cloudy and windy with gusts around 40 mph. Temperatures will be in the 50s with some additional scattered activity in the afternoon/evening:

Rain won't be terribly heavy and hopefully we can spread the wealth to the north. The next question is do the clouds get out of here in time for the solar eclipse (which will peak around 2 pm around here). There's still some uncertainty, but clouds should be clearing out Monday... but will it happen in time?

Here's the wider view for cloud cover across the country:

The rest of the week may end up dry. We'll be watching a storm system moving through the central part of the country Wednesday and Thursday that could bring some rain to the far southeastern part of the area (again):

While there may still be some ups and downs, we are in a warming trend and will likely see temperatures remain near and above normal over the next week or two.

Rebecca Kopelman


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