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We've had windy days through April and May has started on a breezy and chilly note. In Cedar Rapids 23 out of 30 days had wind gusts of 30 mph or greater. 13 of those days had gusts of 40 mph+. Sunday was another day with 40 mph winds and the chill:

The wind won't be a huge factor on Monday, but rain chances go back up. Temperatures will be cool, but warmer than Sunday:

Rain moves in Monday evening into early Tuesday:

Temperatures will be similar on Tuesday as rain continues for the first half of the day:

And the winds pick up again:

Wednesday will be dry and sunny and also breezy..

And the winds pick back up late in the day on Thursday....

And our next storm system arrives on Thursday with potentially heavy rain:

Through the coming week the EURO shows this for total rainfall.

Hopefully you get the idea... the wind isn't going anywhere this week and neither is the rain or late spring chill. Somebody please call 911 and send in the paramedics!



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