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A quick-moving snow system, hence the name clipper, moved through Iowa Saturday and brought a wave of snow across much of the state of Iowa. With temperatures in the teens to near 20, it was a light, powdery-sugar-like snow that quickly coated the roads.

Preliminary snowfall reports through 10 p.m. Saturday show widespread snowfall reports of 3"+ in eastern Iowa generally north of I-80. We often use roadways like I-80, Highway 20 and Highway 30 across Iowa as a reference for where snow-lines may set up - this is one of those cases that really show why.

We are waiting for the official tally for Cedar Rapids with this event. So far this winter the city is running just 3.1" below normal for snowfall so this should bring us pretty close to where we should be this season.

The Quad Cities on the other hand missed out on the majority of this snow once again. Moline is running 10.6" below normal for the season not including the official report for Saturday.

Saturday night the wind will continue to gust around 15-25mph across the region and will lead to blowing and drifting of that fresh snow. Open, rural areas will deal with the most significant impacts including reduced visibility and snow-covered roadways, If you're headed out through Sunday morning in areas that picked up fresh snow, take it slow!

The weather headline headed into next week will be a return to the bitter cold! Analogs show a high-chance of strong cold air advection across the northern-tier of the US sending temperatures tanking after what has been a mild January in the US.

Temperatures Sunday night will drop below zero across much of the Midwest Sunday night into Monday. Above is the European model forecast for lows.

The wind will remain gusty as well so wind chill values could fall into the -10 to -20 range in the region.

Monday night into Tuesday will be the coldest in the short term with overnight lows dropping well-below zero, especially in areas that picked up fresh snow along and north of I-80 in Iowa and far-northern Illinois.

With a calmer wind, wind chill values will be similar to the night before.

Temperatures will remain on the colder-side of normal headed into the middle of February. Certainly looks and feels more like winter at last!

Have a great weekend everyone! I am filling in this weekend for RK and Chief Swails here on the blog. Had to get out and enjoy the snow for myself earlier today near Waterloo. Love a good snow storm! Stay warm.


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