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Cold air has taken over and with that comes different types of precipitation. There will be a few chances of seeing some snowflakes over the next two days. A cold front moved through Saturday and now colder air is moving in. There will be a weak disturbance that moves through in the morning and lead to the chance for rain, but also some wet snow/sleet mixed in.

Temperatures will be much colder compared to Saturday and highs will be well below normal once again:

There will be another disturbance that moves through Monday and brings another chance for a wintry mix/snow:

There may be some minor snowfall accumulations, mainly in grassy areas. Here's the snowfall accumulation total on the high-resolution NAM:

Some of those high totals are likely overdone, but with the cold air in the upper levels of the atmosphere could drive some minor accumulations between Sunday and Monday.

The pattern does remain active as we head into the new week. Temperatures will be well above freezing so precipitation will be falling in the form of rain. There will be one system Tuesday:

And Thursday:

After a pretty dry start to October it looks like the weather will be picking up steam... coming with some snowflakes, too.


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