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Saturday was the first day of spring and Mother Nature doesn't always play by the rules, but this year we got a beautiful spring day!

Now we'll just work to hold onto that feeling. Sunday will be even warmer, but still quite blustery:

Wind gusts may be as high as 40 mph at times:

Another aspect of spring is the rain... and that will then arrive on Monday. Take a look at the slow progression of this system from Monday to Wednesday:

The heaviest of the rain will fall on the western side of the system. Any shifts in the track can lead to changes in this. Here's a look at the rainfall totals on the Euro:

The GFS:

Pretty good agreement on placement, but still some differences in amounts. I'd side with the Euro, but wouldn't be surprised to see some amounts around two to maybe three inches due to high moisture levels in place.

Precipitable water (moisture levels) will be around 200% above normal.

Beyond that temperatures likely drop some and start to go down below normal. Here's a look at the Climate Prediction Center's Outlook for March 28 to April 3:

Enjoy the spring weather while we have it!



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