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Last week it seemed that we were straight into summer. This weekend reminded us of the power... weirdness... of Midwest weather with snow and sleet and rain. The storm will continue to move through into Monday morning, bringing the chance for accumulating snow into the new week:

Here's what the HRRR is showing for snowfall totals:

And the fairly similar European model:

Here's a look at the National Weather Service's forecast:

This system will produce a lot of precipitation as well, which could cause complications along the Mississippi:

The heavy snowpack that was sitting in northern Minnesota melted and that water is traveling south. The additional water could cause the water to rise higher. Here's a look at the forecast in Dubuque:

And Davenport:

Crests will be occurring in the next few weeks and the NWS is concerned about the potential for top-5 record crests due to the situation at hand and any extra water could certainly complicate things.

On Monday it will be quite harsh outside with temperatures held in the 40s and 50s:

It will feel much colder due to very strong northwesterly winds through the day:

Temperatures will gradually rise through the week with the chance for some additional rain Wednesday and Thursday:

We'll hope that this is winter's last gasp... and keep a close eye on the Mississippi.

Rebecca Kopelman


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