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When I'm wondering about weather folklore and historical events this is the man I go to. With more than 50 years of statistical and observational research, he's the dude! When it comes to lunar cycles, woolly bear caterpillars, insects, bugs, and animals, he tracks them, records them, and establishes ties to weather patterns. Only one person takes climatology to a level like this. His name is Steve Gottschalk by way of Lowden, Iowa. He's a knowledgeable and interesting man. I'm grateful to him for lending his unique perspective to the site. Steve's "wild" world of weather can be found regularly right here on Take it away Steve!

Is September's Weather Changing?

Going through my 62 years of weather records I have found that since 2000, we are having 1 to 2 days less with measurable rainfall, 1 day less with thunder, 1 more day with 90 degree readings, 1 more cloudy day and 5 more clear days. The number of days with fog has remained the same.

A Warm Start To September And What It means for the Winter

I thought that there may be a connection with the first 10 days of September being warmer than normal and the upcoming winter? I found 15 years from 1970 up to the present that had an average temperature of 70 degrees or higher for the period, Sept. 1-10th. I found that 73% of those winters had normal to below normal temperatures even when you factored in an El Nino or a La Nina occurring. Looking at the month of December, it was an equal chance for being colder or warmer.

Some More Weather Signs From Your Feline Friend

A cat washing it's face is a sign of good weather.

If a cat licks against the fur instead of with the fur, it betokens bad weather.

Cats with their tails up and hair apparently electrified indicate approaching wind.

If the cat runs about the house and plays, storms may be expected.

An Old Country Almanac For The Week Of September 22-28th.

This week of September usually sees 3 clear days, 3 cloudy days, 1 partly cloudy day and 3 windy days. There is usually 2 days with measurable rainfall but it can range from 0 days to 5 days with rain. The days with the highest probability is the 22nd and 25th with a 43% chance and the day with the lowest probability is the 27th with a 15% chance. There is a 18% chance that any one of those days will see 1" or more of rain.

22nd - Autumn arrives at 8:04 p.m. CDT. "A quiet week before the autumnal equinox and after, the temperature will continue higher than usual into the winter.

23rd - "When a cold spell occurs in September and passes without a frost, a frost will not occur until the same time in October."

24th - "Sap from a maple tree flows faster before a rain shower." Weather for the day, look for variable temperatures and breezy conditions.

25th - New Moon, there's usually a 60% chance around this time. On this date in 1942 there was snow across the state with the heavier amounts being 4" at Allison, Forrest City, Mason City and Millerton.

26th - Jupiter is at opposition; it being the closest, biggest and brightest in appearance of the year. Weather is warmer, breezy and there's a chance of rain.

27th - "A wet Fall indicates a cold and early winter."

28th - "Trees snapping and cracking in the fall indicates cold weather." Weather for the day warmer, breezy and a chance of rain.

New Moon Weather Lore

If the new moon is far north, it will be cold for 2 weeks, but if far south, it will be warm.

New moon far north in summer, cool weather: in winter, cold.

A 100 hours after the new moon regulates the weather for the month.

A new moon lying on her back means wet weather.

My Storm Of the Week

On September 28, 1986 severe thunderstorms across the state produced several tornadoes. At 5:40 p.m. an F4 tornado, 250 yards wide tracked for 20 miles from 4 miles SW of Farrar to 6 miles ESE of Baxter. Seven homes were leveled, 5 were badly damaged, 28 others had minor damage and 65 farms buildings were destroyed. Luckily no towns were hit. There was $2 million damage in Polk and Jasper counties.

A second F2 tornado, 25 yards wide tracked for 0.2 mile near Colwell in Floyd county. A farm home was unroofed and tipped over into the basement, injuring a couple inside. Some outbuildings were also destroyed. Elsewhere large hail and smaller tornadoes produced less major damage in Benton, Clay, Tama and Webster counties.

Can Spiders Predict The Winter?

Spiders spinning unusually large webs is a sign of a cold winter to come.

Large spiders trying to get into the house all summer signify an extremely cold winter.

In September, more spider webs than usual presages an early winter with cold weather.

Well, that's all I have for this edition. On the "wild" side of weather, I'm Steve Gottschalk.


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