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Some much needed rain fell in the Midwest Sunday. Not so great for dads celebrating outside, but great for crops, gardens, lawns in need of a drink. For some it was the first measurable precipitation in the month of June, even if it wasn't much.

There was a break in the afternoon then, Sunday night strong to severe storms were moving across Iowa.

The storms will form into a line and head east of the Mississippi overnight (this is a model showing 1 AM):

Storms may be strong to severe in Illinois, with gusty winds being the main threat.

This cold front then passes on by and cooler, drier air will move in for the start of the week. Temperatures will be running around 10 degrees or so below normal Monday:

That won't be a huge difference in temperature compared to Sunday (since clouds and rain held temperatures back), but the bigger difference will be in the humidity.

Here's a look at the dew points for Monday afternoon:

No chance for rain there... but it will feel very nice! And as a result of the dry air temperatures will be below normal at night dropping into the 40s and 50s by Tuesday morning:

Temperatures and humidity will start to increase some on Tuesday but it will still be a pretty pleasant day:

A warm front will lift north into the Midwest late Tuesday and lead to a few scattered showers and thunderstorms:

There will then be another cold front that moves in on Thursday:

A little soon for details, but we'll get into them as we get closer!



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