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We woke up Sunday to a fog and everything was covered in frost! In the winter when frost occurs it typically becomes freezing fog. The droplets from the fog will attach and freeze on anything that is below 32°, such as the trees, mailboxes, cars, streets and sidewalks.

Here's a view in Iowa City from Ron Allen:

There will be fog once again on Monday due to warm air in the upper levels. As a result another Dense Fog Advisory has been posted until noon on Monday:

Models are indicating dense fog and the possibility of low visibility Monday morning and likely more frost:

Once the fog clears there will be a mix of sun and clouds and it will be cool:

Tuesday will also be calm with partly cloudy skies and temperatures near the freezing mark.

The pattern does pick up thereafter with a system that comes in on Wednesday. The pattern looks quite active, but we'll have to determine exactly what each storm does.

Right now the models have shifted the Wednesday/Thursday system further to the southwest. There may still be some light rain and/or snow in my local area:

We'll have to keep an eye on the track because there could still be a few changes over the next two days.



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