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After a little taste of fall, summer has shown it's not over until it's over! The warmth, mugginess, and rain of summer will be around this week. Right now a cold front is lingering across the Midwest and will lead to a few rounds of showers and storms.

That front will lead to some showers on Monday morning as it lifts near/north of Highway 20:

There will be a spread in temperatures Monday afternoon, with most of us south of Highway 20 in the summery warmth of the 80s:

There will be an area of low pressure that moves along the front and brings more widespread shower and thunderstorm activity Monday night into Tuesday... still may be some changes with the location of this, but most of the rain will be favored in the north:

There will be another spread in temperatures Tuesday afternoon as the front passes through:

Wednesday will be a nice, fall-like day behind the front. Temperatures will be running near normal under sunny skies:

The humidity will be on the low side as well:

Summer kicks right back in on Thursday with more heat and humidity:

In fact, it looks like summer keeps holding on for a while. Here's a look at the Climate Prediction Center's outlook for September 18-22:

It looks like summer is sticking around for now... with some fall days sprinkled in!



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