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The pattern is going to be quite active as we head into this second week of August. There will be multiple chances for rain in the coming days, some of which will include strong to severe storms. There will be some showers and thunderstorms Sunday morning, but uncertainty exists in terms of how much the storms stay together as they head east.

This is one of our short term models showing the storms early Sunday morning in northeast Iowa and lighter activity to the south. There will be a higher chance for storms across my local area Sunday evening:

This will be a result of a disturbance moving across the area combined with an unstable atmosphere. Temperatures will be in the 80s and it will be humid Sunday:

CAPE (instability) will grow as a result and get to values over 1,000 -- sufficient for thunderstorms and possible strong ones, too:

Those CAPE values will remain high into Monday and Tuesday... here's a look at Monday evening's instability:

As a result of several systems moving through, along with the high instability, there will be chances for storms and severe weather. There are just some question marks about timing and location.

For now the higher chances for rain look to be Sunday evening.. some storms may linger into Monday:

More storms will be possible Monday evening and then once again late Tuesday into Wednesday. We'll have to take it day by day! If it all works out it could be some beneficial rain for a drought stricken area.



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