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Temperatures are going up, the humidity is high and it's going to get hotter and more humid from here... Sunday was already toasty with temperatures climbing through the 80s:

Heat Advisories have now been posted across the region for Monday through Wednesday:

A big ridge of high pressure will be overhead in the upper levels, pumping in much warmer air to start the week:

As that warmth moves in there will be the chance for storms into early Monday morning. There's a lot of uncertainty on where storms develop, but it appears the highest chances are in northern Iowa after daybreak:

There will then be additional storms through the Great Lakes region, some of which may be severe with very strong winds. There's uncertainty on how this evolves through the morning and into the afternoon. I wouldn't be surprised if portions of Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan get included in an "enhanced" risk with later updates from the SPC:

Once the storms pass temperatures will take off into the 80s and 90s:

The heat plus the humidity will lead to it feeling much hotter with heat index values near/above 100:

Temperatures continue in the 90s on Tuesday, which will likely be the hottest day of the week:

Humidity will be high with dew points in the 70s...

That will lead to heat index values back in the triple digits:

And we'll be in the 90s for a third day in a row on Wednesday:

Another storm system comes in on Wednesday and will knock back the heat:

Some storms may be strong and the SPC is keeping an eye on the area:

The start of the week will be hot, humid, and stormy. Stay cool and take plenty of breaks inside... make sure you have ways to get warnings too as multiple rounds of strong storms may come through this week. RK


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