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We need rain... but when in a drought you want to get that rain gradually. The ground can't take on a lot of rain when it's been this dry for so long. Well some heavy rain fell Friday night and it sure was feast or famine. Here's a look at the rainfall totals from my local area:

The heaviest of the rain fell just north of Cedar Rapids, from Marion to Springville in Iowa. Four to six inches of rain fell... I had 3.8" in my rain gauge and a pool briefly in my back lawn. There was significant flash flooding not too far away near Indian Creek:

The heavy rain fell in a short amount of time and led to a quick rise on the creek, flooding roads and stranding vehicles. Luckily the flooding subsided overnight and there was little to no rain in Marion on Saturday.

Sunday will be mostly dry with slightly lower humidity:

There will be additional showers and storms Monday through Thursday. Here's a look at the rainfall totals on the GFS:

The activity will be more scattered around Iowa with heavier rain in parts of Missouri and Illinois. There could of course be locally higher amounts in some spots where some of the stronger storms set up.

Precipitable water (moisture level) amounts will still be rather high, so storms will be efficient rain producers during the first half of the week.

Good thing is rain will continue to fall in some of the drought-stricken areas. We just don't want too much of that good thing in one spot!



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