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We've had some really pleasant weather lately across the Upper Midwest -- too pleasant for July. All good things must come to an end and we are going to be turning the corner into some serious heat next week.

Temperatures have been running near/below normal the last several days in the Upper Midwest:

All that heat that's been off to our south and east and west will be heading this way. This big area of high pressure and hot air will be building in as the week goes on:

Temperatures will start to rise a bit higher on Sunday:

A cold front will move through the area Sunday night into Monday morning and bring the chance for some scattered showers and storms:

Temperatures won't change much behind the front and may get even warmer if the rain and clouds clear out faster than expected:

The heat gets cranked up for sure by Tuesday:

And peaks on Wednesday:

Not only the high heat but high humidity too:

That will likely lead to triple digit heat index values in the afternoon. That's ahead of a cold front that arrives int he afternoon and may bring showers and storms:

There is some uncertainty on if storms will be able to get going due to a capping inversion. This is due to hot air overhead that will suppress thunderstorm activity. This could lead to little to no activity. However if the front is strong enough to overcome the cap then there could be some strong storms in the highly unstable environment.

We'll continue to keep an eye on it and the string of 90s that will be likely through the week.