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We've been waiting for winter to finally leave, but at least we had a nice spring-ish weekend. One thing that has been nice on the delay to spring is the lack of severe weather. There have already been two tornadoes in Iowa this year, but check out this stat from the National Weather Service:

Now the downside is there are now Winter Weather Advisories posted in parts of the Midwest for Monday into Tuesday. This is in Kansas and Missouri:

This is where snowfall accumulation is most likely. Here's a look at the evolution of this system. Cold front moves through Iowa, colder air moves in and an area of low pressure leads to the snowfall:

Temperatures on Monday afternoon will be about 20 degrees cooler than Sunday.

In the mid and upper levels temperatures will be colder, below freezing (0°):

It'll be cold enough for snow, basically the cold air will be driven down to the surface and change the precipitation type over. In my local area there may not be much accumulation, but in that Winter Weather Advisory area there's certainly a higher chance of the snow sticking.

Here's a look at the National Weather Service forecasts...

NWS Kansas City:

NWS Quad Cities:

Models are starting to come into agreement too...



NAM is still bullish:

Hopefully this is winter's last breath! RK


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