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Here in the waiting room I’m looking out at the gray skies of Cedar Rapids. A classic Simon and Garfunkel song (Homeward Bound) is twinkling from around the corner as the receptionist smiles at all of us “waiters” in the room. Just another day for her-but she really does have a bright smile. Good teeth too.

Peering out the two story window at the bare ground and leafless trees I’m reminded again that I missed another big snow by less than 75 miles. It would be easy to complain but when you are in the surgery center your perspective is altered in a proper way…at least mine. What a stupid thing to gripe about…am I right!

Anyway, just look at these snowfall numbers. 13″ around Mason City with most of Iowa’s northern 2-3 counties getting 6-12″ totals. 10″ is all we’ve had the entire winter here in Cedar Rapids. Hard to believe places up north within 1-2 hours have had more than 40″ Close but no cigar! Another smile from the receptionist, I needed that.

For a snow starved, snow freak like me there is something to look forward too. The weather system that dumped on my northern counties is spinning a developing deformation band of snow in my direction. Snow falling now in western and central Iowa will work east and eventually cut across eastern Iowa and northern Illinois later today.

Here’s the surface depiction at 6:00pm this evening. The band of light snow extends across much of Iowa, southern Minnesota, and Wisconsin as it pivots gradually east.

The snow will invade my area by early afternoon and reach the Mississippi towards evening. Amounts won’t be anything to write home about but 1-2″ accumulations are possible over a broad area. The GFS has this for snowfall with this wave of energy.

Once the disturbance kicks out an energetic NW flow sets up that brings the cold you expect to see in Janaury. Snow showers are also expected to be an occasional visitor. I would not be at all surprised to see another inch or two in spots between Thursday night and Sunday.

Well, the doctor just came out and said the surgery was a success and that in less than an hour I can head to the recovery room. As he was walking away the old Steely Dan song reelin’ in the years popped on. I had the album “Cant buy a thrill” back in 1972. I’ve reeled in more than a few years myself since then…along with a bunch of white hair. Time marches and the receptionist smiles again. Such a happy person! Roll weather…TS

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