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The snowstorm that hammered parts of the Midwest earlier this week has moved on by. You can see where it did its damage below.

Now that the system is gone, the jet has buckled and temperatures are trending downward. The NW flow will become even more pronounced this weekend as you can see in the 500mb jet stream forecast for Saturday. That will keep readings near to a bit below normal.

This type of pattern is very low on moisture with the Gulf of Mexico closed for business. However, there are some ripples aloft that will try and squeeze out what little moisture exists. That should produce some occasional flurries Friday and Saturday. Another disturbance that’s a bit stronger could turn the flurries into snow showers or light snow Sunday. No matter what, accumulations will be minimal. The GFS has this for snowfall totals through Sunday.

The EURO is pretty similar looking like this.

Before I sign off, a picture of Hawaii. We all know it as a tropical paradise but there are peaks up to 10,000 feet. It gets cold up that high, cold enough to snow even in the middle of the Pacific. Look at this great shot of snow on the peaks of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea by the astronauts aboard the U.S. space shuttle. Breathtaking!

Alright, it’s Friday and that means its 5 o’clock somewhere. Enjoy your weekend and roll weather…TS

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