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Due to the snow of last weekend my trucks original brown finish has turned milky white thanks to the chemicals used to clear the roads. Yesterday somebody used their finger to write "wash me" on the side of the door panel. OK, the message has been received and based on what I'm seeing on the weather charts, Sunday is the day of reckoning. Show me the soap and water!

After a beautiful St Patrick's day in my area which included brilliant blue cloud free skies and temperatures in the 50s, the remainder of the weekend will be dominated by high pressure and pleasant weather.

With an incoming ridge centered to the west Saturday a northwest flow will tap some cooler air. The EURO shows highs in the 40s over my local area. Seasonal but crisp.

Here's the 500mb jet stream flow showing the subtle dip that delivers the cool but dry weather Saturday.

Sunday the cool air retreats to the east as an upper level ridge builds into the Midwest. Notice the difference in the heights aloft between Saturday and Sunday.

The return of southerly winds will have a big impact on Sunday's temperatures. Look at this nice recovery. Highs pushing 60 all the way to the homeland. 80s and 90s are widespread from Kansas south.

The simulated satellite Sunday shows a nice sunny start to the day in many areas.

The total weekend precip on the EURO looks like this. What falls in the eastern Midwest occurs Friday night so essentially the Midwest is high and dry Saturday and Sunday.

No doubt about it, Sunday is the day my truck returns to its original color. If you need me, I'll be in the driveway completing a job that should have been started back in December. Next thing you know I'll be washing the windows. Ha, one job at a time! All right folks, roll weather and enjoy the rest of your weekend....TS

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