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There's a chill in the air in the Midwest, but down south it's a different story. Check out the temperature spread happening Friday evening:

90s even in Texas still as of 8 pm! There's where our Spring went... The atmosphere is prime for a strong spring storm system.

A very active jet stream is seen on water vapor loop over the Pacific Ocean and in conjunction with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.. severe weather, heavy rain and snow will all be possible in parts of the United States over the next two days. Here's the surface pattern on Saturday afternoon:

Check out the reds and the purples... a *lot* of moisture is going to be around and some pretty high rainfall rates will be likely. There's going to be another incredible divide in temperatures across the country. Here's the expected highs Saturday afternoon:

The Midwest will once again experience a cold rain and down to the south there will be the potential for severe weather - all modes of severe weather included. Here's the outlook from the SPC:

The storm shifts further northeast on Sunday and here's the surface pattern Sunday morning and afternoon:

Still some high rainfall rates and rain continuing over the same areas as Saturday. Because of this, the concern for flash flooding is growing over the Central U.S. Here's the outlook from the WPC:

There isn't a ton of consistency among the models on where exactly the heaviest rain sets up, but there's certainty of heavy rain. Here's the GFS and Euro precipitation totals through Monday:

The heaviest of the rain likely stays south of my local area, but still some heavy rain is expected. Here's both of the models zoomed into my area:

So we've covered the severe weather and the heavy rain... last thing to make this storm complete is the snow. Here's the projected snowfall on the European and GFS:

Pretty good consistency on locations and amounts. I wouldn't be surprised on Monday if there is a wintry mix or some sloppy snowflakes mixed in with the rain further to the east of the accumulating snows. Much of the Midwest is in for a weekend of cold, windy and rainy conditions. A good one to enjoy on the couch!


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