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2017 Into The Storm Chase: POWERED BY DAHL FORD!

The countdown is on for the 2017 "Into The Storm Chase" POWERED BY DAHL FORD! Our team is fired up and ready to roll.

Thanks to Dahl Ford, we will again be seeking the storms in vehicles built to weather whatever is thrown our way. In the past, KV Dahl and his team of professional have provided us with SUV's that have plowed through rain, mud, hail, and torrential winds. Those vehicles never faltered. While we are vigilant about putting safety first, it is another safeguard to have vehicles you can depend on in any situation.

Aside from being just a great ride, these vehicles are also the "Rock Stars" of the chase. You would not believe the attention they garner. Simply fueling up at a gas station brings folks out for a look and a photo op. Everyone wants a selfie with these bad boys! So we ride safely but we also ride in style (and are the envy of other chasers)!

We also welcome Blaine Hilton, Matt Schwind, Scott Haynes, Stephen McCoy, and Don McCoy on our trip this year. Terry and our team of professional meteorologists and storm chasers are excited about sharing their knowledge and expertise in storm chasing with the group.

The group departs early on May 26th and we'll be chasing for approximately six days...arriving back home June 1st.

I will keep you posted on with all the details of our expedition. I'll have photos, blogs, videos, and live streaming for our viewers.

Also if you want to join our team in spirit, we still have t-shirts available! Just email me at if you are interested in purchasing one!

Again a heartfelt thank you to KV Dahl and Dahl Ford for their years of support.