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We eat. Usually fast food. Like a Wendys. McDonalds. Gas stations snacks are huge.

We hang around gas stations. A lot. As road warriors, hunting Mother Nature’s most extreme weather, means you are on the run. Whipping down the highway. Searching for the super cell. So far we’ve put in nearly 2,000 miles on this trip and it’s only Day 3.

We work our phones to exhaustion. Pulling up the latest radar images. Checking satellite images. Scrutinizing all the data. Expect to burn through all your minutes. Expect to frantically try to negotiate more gigabytes to your service plan. Expect to get taken to the cleaners.

We wipe a lotta bugs off windshields. They grow ‘em pretty large in the nation’s midsection. Can’t see the storms if your vehicle is covered in bug goo!

We laugh. We joke. Frankly it’s just good fun. Chasers let their hair down. What happens in Kansas or ____ (fill in the blank) stays in Kansas or ___ (fill in the blank).

We rub elbows with fellow chasers. This morning in the breakfast area we met up with college professors and students from the College of Dupage which is located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. This chase is part of a class for the students. The kids were taking a test this morning (yuck).

We sightsee!

Yes, today there will be small offerings on the extreme weather front. So we are headed to Mount Rushmore to take in the iconic sights of that amazing landmark. I've never been there before so it should be pretty cool.

We see the best Mother Nature has offer.

Hang around!


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