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Behind a cold front that moved through the Midwest Saturday night, nice and comfortable air settled in. Temperatures were near and below normal for the first time in nearly two weeks! Here's the temperatures and dew points that were seen around 5 PM Sunday afternoon:

Dew points down into the 50s - mighty fine! If you're wondering where the heat went... well its in the Desert Southwest where they've been experiencing record heat. The humidity went down to the southeast with dew points in the 70s!

Well they're going to keep that heat and humidity to themselves.. for a few days. Aloft we have a trough in overhead, leading to northwest flow (typically bring cool, dry conditions). A ridge will start to fight back in during the middle of the week and bump up the temperatures and humidity.

Temperatures won't be as warm as this past week, but the humidity will make it feel plenty sticky around the Midwest (once again) by Wednesday afternoon. Once the moisture moves back in, a few disturbances will move through as we head into the end of the week. This early out there are some differences on the tracks of these systems between the models, which can be seen on the 7 day precipitation totals on the GFS and European:

The European is wetter, while the GFS takes a more southern route with a late week storm. Only time will tell which model is right. However, June is typically the wettest month of year and it hasn't been living up to it's name in the Midwest. So we'll take what we can get.


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