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Records have been dropping like flies across the Midwest over the last few days. Not just any records... near century old records! On Sunday records fell in several cities in my local area:

Iowa City shattered the record of 90 degrees (set in 2007) with a high of 95 degrees. Des Moines tied it's record high of 92 (that was previously set in 1892). High of 92 at Waterloo broke the previous record of 91 set in 1937. Happy first full day of fall? The warmth continues into Sunday....

This will mark the fourth straight day with temperatures near and above 90 for many areas in the Midwest. There is also the potential for more records to fall! This is as a big 'ol ridge continues to dominate much of the eastern U.S. and bring the September heat.

While it is unusual for prolonged heat in September, many cities have recorded 90 degree temperatures in October! Change is coming, though, my friends. Soon fall weather will take over. A cold front will move through Monday night into Tuesday.

A few scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible and then temperatures will be 25 degrees cooler than what we've experienced this weekend. Wednesday afternoon high temperatures will be much closer to (and even a little below) normal.

Some places may not make it out of the 60s! Plus - dry air moves in.

Dew points in the 40s Wednesday afternoon is a far cry from 60s and even 70s that have been around the last few days.

If you're ready to get rid of the heat, relief is on the way. Until then, head outside and soak up the summer temps while they last!


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