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It was a cool and dreary weekend across the Midwest with some beneficial rain after several weeks of little precipitation.

Saturday and Sunday saw light rain, but in my local area some spots received more in 24 hours than what we've had over the last three weeks!

Drought conditions have largely improved across the Midwest but still has not be totally wiped out. This is the latest drought monitor that was released this past Thursday:

Now slightly warmer air is on the move after several days of cool, below normal temperatures across the Midwest.

Temperatures have been 5 to 20 degrees below normal as a whole. In my local area we've now gone 17 straight days of below normal high temperatures. We will like go one more day on Monday below normal before "warming up." Monday will be warmer than Sunday with more sunshine -

Then by Tuesday temperatures will go above normal by 3 to as much as 15 degrees above normal.

Then it gets a little warmer on Wednesday. High temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday are below:

There will also be a few disturbances that move through this week that will produce primarily rainfall across the area, with the chance for snow near the Great Lakes. Below are the seven day precipitation and snowfall totals:

Tis the season for lots of temperature fluctuations and different precipitation types!


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