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Hey everybody, hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Now it's on to the last week of 2017 and a brand new year. Overall, it looks like a wintry period ahead but at least the next couple of days should be quiet (albeit cold) around much of the Midwest.

The next system to threaten snow is is shown arriving Wednesday night Thursday. It's not a powerful storm but it has the potential of dropping a wide band of 1-4" snows over the central Midwest. While there's still some tweaking to do here's a general forecast of where snow is likely to fall and accumulate by Thursday night. This is the 0z GFS.

The Midwest perspective:

Another event is possible towards the weekend but there's less consistency on this. When you add that system to the previous one you get this for snow totals through New Years night on the GFS.

The Midwest perspective:

It also going to be a very cold week ahead but it's likely to be at its frigid worst right around New Years when a massive 1060mb high builds into North Dakota. Look at the pressure gradient producing icy winds all across the Midwest New Years morning.

Wind chills in the GFS are shown to be in the range of 25 to 55 below from eastern Iowa and points west! Nasty...

Lots of winter on the table but for me it's Christmas night and the family is waiting patiently for me to finish this masterpiece so I will. Roll weather...TS