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The last full day of winter is behind us and if all goes well the warmth of spring will soon on our shoulders. Unfortunately, the weeklies of the EURO are not showing a very springlike pattern, especially the next couple of weeks. Here's what Monday's run shows for temperature departures the next 32 days.

The 46 day outlook is similar.

Aside from being cool, the model sees near to below normal precipitation. Here's the total precipitation depicted on the EPS mean.

You can see despite the 4-6" amounts shown in my area, that is below normal for the 46 day period.

The control run is wetter and closer to normal.

Considering the weeklies go out to May 4th there is an unusual amount of snow, particularly over the upper Midwest. The EPS mean has this for total accumulations.

The control is very aggressive on amounts from South Dakota to northern Iowa and southern Wisconsin.

The next system to bring significant precipitation to the Midwest arrives Friday night and Saturday. Most models are generous on amounts showing the potential of an inch or more in much of the central Midwest. There does appear to be a wintry side to the storm and the most likely area for snow seems aimed at Minnesota, NE Iowa, southern Wisconsin, and NE Illinois. The snow could catch my northern counties north of HWY 30, especially north of HWY 20. IT will be a couple more days before this part of the forecast become clear.

In the meantime, spring officially arrives at 11:15 Tuesday morning. It may not feel much like spring but there's comfort in saying, another winter has come and gone. Roll weather...TS

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