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5 days ago I was under the knife for Gall Bladder surgery. 4 days after that I'm back at work. Pretty remarkable what today's doctor's, nurses, technology, and health care systems can accomplish. I'll be honest, I'm sore but I can sit in front of a computer and talk in front of a weather map so I'm happy and glad to be back in the saddle.

I'm a bit tired so I won't be as in depth on the posts the next couple days. However, the pattern looks quiet through Friday so there's really not much to say.

Before I get to that, Nimbus Robert Swails "the weather dog" was on the air last Thursday. He pretty much behaved in his TV debut. However, as you can see he was expecting rain and went under the chair for protection. I'm happy to say he was correct as I got over 3" at my place in Marion over the weekend. Nimbus is also sporting a Hawaiian shirt which is quite dapper. He's trying to get me up to speed with his sporty attire. Good luck with that!

Nimbus also has a knack for anticipating the day's weather. I've noticed that he ventures about 40 feet further into the yard to do his business when he expects a sunny day. This has worked 6 out of 7 times but the sample is too small (forgive the pun) to say if he's actually weather savvy or just lucky. He does like looking at colorful weather maps on the computer so I'll give him a bit of credit for his canine capacity.

Nimbus should be able to wander far and wide the rest of the week as I see sunshine and warm temperatures through Friday. Here's the temperature departures the CFSv2 is forecasting the next 5 days. Lots of upper 70s to low 80s.

The next rain system arrives late Saturday or Saturday night. You can see the EURO has a weak cool front leading the charge entering eastern Iowa around 7:00pm.

The EURO has this for total rainfall through early Sunday.

The GFS shows this for the same time period.

To sum it up, were in the "dog days" of spring through Friday. Sunny, warm and comfortable. I'm not barking about that! Roll weather...TS

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