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Saturday was another 80 degree day here in Cedar Rapids, that's 3 of the last 4. It also makes 15 of the last 19 days with highs of 78 or above. This is part of a trend that's making for one of the warmest May's on record. Here's the monthly departure.

Florida is about the only place with any cool weather and that's due to an abundance of rain. 30 day rainfall estimates looks like this.

This past week started cool Sunday and Monday and then ended warm.

A similar trend is setting up this week. The forecast highs the next 10 days. Almost eerie how similar this is.

This implies that May is going to continue warm right up to its conclusion.

As far as rain goes, the GFS has this through the next 10 days. Close to average amounts, maybe a bit above.

The EURO shows this for rainfall through May 29th.

When you add it all up, evidence points to the last 2 weeks of May ending up mild and seasonally wet. Crops around eastern Iowa will easily make up for time lost due to the cold snowy April. Funny how things turn around. Nothing like the Midwest for that. Roll weather...TS

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