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The rain has moved out and now it's drying out across the Midwest. It was a wet week across the Midwest and it's been a very wet June.

In my local area in Cedar Rapids we picked up about five and half inches of rain since Tuesday. This brings the total MONTHLY precipitation to 8.70". This is the rainiest month we've had since June of 2015.

Now we're getting a much needed break for the ground and rivers. Some drier air is moving in, too, and this weekend will be more pleasant than last.

It will be warm, but humidity will be relatively low. Humidity will start to creep up a bit more Sunday and it will be a little warmer.

There may be a few scattered showers around Sunday, but the higher chances for rain come early next week.

Otherwise it will be feeling much more summery next week. Temperatures are expected to be above normal as we end June and start July.

Here are the numbers for Cedar Rapids to show temperatures back toward the 90 degree mark by the end of next week.

Humidity will be going up and by the end of next week there could once again be heat index values near and above 100 degrees across the Midwest.

Enjoy the break in humidity while it lasts!


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