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Day one of my conference is done here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was super busy attending programs but the girls (Carolyn and Eden) toured around and seemed pumped about the place. They have several things "they just have to show me". Probably things they want to buy! After today's sessions we'll head to the historic district to check things out and get some of that Southwest Fare they are famous for.

As with Taos the city has a unique feel and spectacular vistas. The sky is massive and last night with a nearly full moon you could see forever. Pictures could never do it justice.

One thing I will caution you on. With elevations of 6-7,000 feet you are close to the sun and the air thin and dry. It gets really hot during the day and the sun is searing. (Nights are much better and have been getting back into the 50s).

The region is essentially a desert but is really dry now. A severe drought grips the region and water is nowhere to be found. It's bone dry and getting hotter. Here's the forecast for Wednesday. Most of the state expected to be in the range of 94-104 degrees.

We've got an awesome pool where we are staying and I plan to put that to good use as well. Eden has already given it two thumbs up. Roll weather and I'll try to keep my cool....TS

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