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Showers and thunderstorms swamped much of northeast Iowa,southern Wisconsin, and northern Illinois Monday. Rains of up to 6 inches were found in parts of Buchanan and Delaware counties in Iowa.

Waterloo, Iowa, coming off its wettest September ever with over 13" of rain picked up another 2.24" Monday, a record for the date. With October monthly rainfall averages around 2.5 to 3.5" over most of my area, some places have already doubled their October averages on the first day of the month!

Significant flash flooding was reported around Manchester, Iowa where these images were taken.

This exceptionally wet weather pattern is forecast to persist another week before any significant reprieve. However, the short term holds good news as much of the central Midwest now remains dry until Wednesday night. At that time, a fast moving front should bring scattered showers and storms. The speed of the front should keep rain totals manageable. However, there is a chance of a few strong storms if timing and instability come together. Here's the SPC risk outlook for Wednesday.

After that a brief break ensues before moisture and rain chances return Thursday night and Friday. Another pause is possible Saturday before the next round arrives Sunday and Monday. The Weather Prediction Center has this for a 7 day rainfall forecast.

The Climate Prediction Center has chances for above normal precipitation the next 2 weeks. Here's the 6-10 day outlook.

Now the 8-14 rainfall outlook.

Temperatures are going to be up and down and all around as fronts come and go. It will be a huge challenge to forecast them accurately and bust potential is significant on several days. Highs will likely range from the 50s to the 80s. I'll be taking that one day at a time.

As far as Tuesday goes, it will be a day of rest from raindrops. I'm for that. Roll weather....TS

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