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The Midwest is finally getting a break from the rain. No arguments here - we need the break. The ground is incredibly saturated, some places are dealing with standing water, and in my local area rivers rose four times in the last 36 days. Check out the rainfall departures just for the month of October...

Some areas picked up their monthly rainfall for October on the first day of the month. Now we're looking at 300 to 700% of normal precipitation and it's not even halfway through the month. Take it out to the last 30 days and you can see why we need the break.

Many places have seen over five inches of rain in 30 days! Believe it or not there are still some places in the Midwest in drought... but there have been big improvements lately.

There's no more extreme or exceptional drought, but still some pretty dry conditions in Missouri. In the long term we're looking at much drier conditions through the middle of October. This is the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center:

What a good sight to see! The once chance for precipitation in the short term will be on Sunday. A cold front moved through the Midwest Saturday and behind it there will be some energy that will produce some precipitation - rain... and a little bit of snow possibly mixed in (just like what happened on Friday in parts of the Midwest).

In terms of accumulation, we're not looking at much, if any at all (outside of mountains/higher elevation areas out west).

Outside of that, it will be pretty dry over the next week. Cool is the rule with temperatures remaining near and below normal.

Enjoy the break!


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