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Whenever we get to the change of seasons the weather tends to get a little... weird. It's the Midwest, yes, these things happen! Let's talk about what's gone on in the month of October (so far), though.

On the first day of the month many places saw record daily rainfall and picked up more than the monthly amount of rain. Once again here's a look at how much rain there's been since the first of the month -

Typically, we get around two to three inches of precipitation for the entire MONTH of October. We've picked that up (and more) in many spots in just the first two weeks of the month. That rain prompted rivers to rise twice this month (on top of already saturated grounds from a wet September). Right now rivers are still high...

For many cities (including Cedar Rapids) this is the latest in the year rivers have crested above flood stage.

On October 9th, a severe weather outbreak led to 11 tornadoes touching down in the state of Iowa.

These ten plus one in Blairstown, Iowa. It's not unusually for tornadoes to happen in October, but these were long lived supercells and 11 tornadoes is impressive for October standards. Iowa is checking in now at 64 tornadoes for the year, which is the most tornadoes in a year since 2008.

On that day temperatures were in the 70s and 80s... a few days later snow was falling down in the Midwest on Friday. Then another round on Sunday -

Check out the winter wonderland in central Iowa!

The weather should be pretty calm this week with high pressure in control, but it will be chilly. Temperatures will be in the 40s an 50s in the afternoons with nights in the 30s. We'll see what the second half of October has to offer thereafter.

Gotta love Midwest weather!


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