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The 0z runs of the U.S. models are in the house. The most bullish and eye opening of the 3 was the GFS. It cuts right through the heart of my area dumping up to 12" of snow. You would think with only 36 hours to showtime that would be reliable. However, I'm still reluctant to buy its solution. The one thing I can say in its favor is the fact the last 3 runs have been consistent. That's the first thing you look for in a snow forecast. Another is consistency with other models, especially the EURO. Until I see the GFS and EURO converge on a similar solution I remain neutral in my endorsement of any model.

The intermediate EURO held tight to its heavy snow band roughly 100-125 miles southeast of the GFS. That's not much but in this case with the sharp cut-off to the north edge of the snow it make more than a 6" difference in amounts across my area. The new run of the EURO won't be down until midnight.

With that, here's the 3 new forecasts.

The GFS.

The 3K NAM.


For now you're up to date on snowfall models. More to come later tonight, roll weather.

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