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So far this winter has been mild around the Midwest. Temperatures have been well above normal at times with little snow (prior to this last storm, of course). That's about to change. But here's a look at how winter's been so far -

Temperatures have been running 5 to 10 degrees above normal across the Midwest over the last 30 days. Now after this last storm, some parts of the Midwest are running above normal for snow while others are in a white gold drought.

Now winter will be hanging tight here over the next week or so. Everyone may not get the snow, but everyone will be experiencing bitter cold. To start the week, temperatures will be near normal and the weather will be fairly calm in the Midwest.

A weak system will bring rain to much of Missouri with a wintry mix/snow in northern Missouri into southern Iowa. It's still several days away so the exact path will likely change. There will be a stronger storm that moves through the Midwest during the end of the week and the weekend. That could come with some heavy snow once again, but it will be several days before the exact path of that storm is sorted out. What is certain is that very cold air will be pulled in behind that storm...

Of course it will be coldest where the snow falls, but even in areas that don't see snow this will be the coldest air of the season (so far).

High temperatures Saturday afternoon:

Low temperatures Sunday morning:

Temperatures will be running 10-30 degrees below normal as we head into the weekend. And it doesn't stop there. Winter will be hanging tight through the end of January...

We will have more updates on the potential snow storm in the coming days. In the meantime, get ready for wild winter weather to replace the mild winter weather! RK

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