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Snow has moved out and now cold is settling in. Here's a look at the regional perspective of snowfall totals through 9 am:

Here's a closer look at my local area... the golden shovel goes to Bluffton (right on the IA/MN border) with 14"!

Dry air punched in on the west side of this system and left much of western Iowa with little snow. It also lowered totals south of Highway 20 some, but everyone picked up at least three inches of snow east of I-35. Drifts are as high as a foot in spots due to the strong winds.

More reports are continuing to come in this morning, too!

Now the focus turns to the cold air. So you may want to clear that snow sooner rather than later. Here's the temperatures across the Midwest as of 9 am:

And add on some 10-20 mph winds out of the north... you get a wind chill well below the actual temperature:

And it's going to get colder from here. Temperatures by Sunday morning will be near and below zero...

And even colder wind chills:

More on the cold and potential for more snow later tonight!

Roll snow...


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