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Just as we're cleaning up from one storm another is on the way to the Midwest. This storm will take a path further to the north, but may slam some areas that got heaviest snow with this last round. There is - of course - still some kinks to work out in the forecast. It has to do with the placement of this storm.

Here's a look at the storm on the GFS Tuesday afternoon:

Now the Euro:

And the furthest south, the NAM:

The difference is going to be whether you're in snow or rain, and that difference could just be by a mere 30 miles. I think the solution is somewhere in between of these models, with the center of the storm passing close to SE Iowa. Despite the snowpack, the storm will likely be strong enough to move through it. Here's the snowfall totals on each of these models. And keep in mind the track is still in flux.



Zoomed in:


Regardless of where exactly the snow falls, cold air will follow. High temperatures on Wednesday will be running 10-15 degrees below normal:

And it gets even colder from there. Another shot of arctic air will arrive for the weekend. Check out these temperature anomalies Friday morning:

Temperatures could end up 30 to nearly 50 degrees below normal! Ouch!

Winter keeps on coming!


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